Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday again: This week in pictures.

I feel like this week was totally unproductive. 
As usual.
 I also didn't do a very good job of taking pictures.
I did manage to catch a Grisly Hand show on Wednesday night.
Always one of my favorite local acts.

Plus I went to 2 birthday parties this week.
No wonder I wasn't productive.


I made some tasty beets:

Mmmm beets.
Beet greens and onion fried in bacon fat 
with roasted beets and potato.
I ate lots of beets this week.
So healthy and yummy!
(Also I just read Jitterbug Perfume so I've got beets on my mind.)


I did get into the studio a little:

Acrylic on panel.
5x7 inches.
I'm probably going to do a little more work on her.


It's hot:

Need cold drink.
Fan is essential.



River Market Antiques
Treasure hunting. (empty handed this time)


Finished up this dog portrait:

It's a very belated birthday gift.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Perfect Margarita

I want it. That perfect combination of tart, sweet and boozy.
 My normal margarita method is to pour a bunch of whatever margarita-ish stuff I have on hand over ice and add some lime slices. Lately though, the manthing and I have been getting a little more scientific.
 You know... like measuring. whoa.
We played around with a few things last night.
(as a side note my anthropologie owl juicer, while adorable, could function better)

Classic Margarita:
1oz triple sec
2oz silver tequila
1 oz lime juice.

This is hella strong. 
Good, but...
be prepared for your guests to spend the night on your sofa.
I could do with a little more sweet myself.
I ended up adding some limeade.
Problem solved. 

Triple Sec Free Agave Nectar-rita:
(courtesy of the May Bon Appetit)
2oz silver tequila
1oz lime juice
1oz agave nectar

This was too sweet for me.
I like the flavor of the agave though.
I added more tequila and a little water to cut the sweetness.
I also used agave nectar on the rim of the glass to adhere the salt.
That bit was fantastic.
I added more tequila and a little water to cut the sweetness.

That was pretty much the end of the scientific experimentation.
We then went to town on some delicious grilled burgers.

Do you have a favorite Margarita?
If so let me know.
I'm gonna keep trying until I get this thing juuuuust right.