Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday on Tuesday: Last week got away from me.

Whew. Last week was a doozy.
I finally took my motorcycle safety course! 
Anyone out there who is thinking about it: 
Do it.
I lucked out and both my instructor and my fellow students were badasses.
Good times.
The only photos I managed to take are from the Vintage Motorcycle Show on Sunday.
And my own vintage but decidedly un-showworthy bike.
Oh, and a gratuitous shot of Grizzly Bear demonstrating how I felt at the end of the week.


love the little bubble faring on this Ducati:

BMW - ? - Ducati

Love this color:

Yamaha YZ650

Sweet cafe CB350:

1971 Honda CB350

My lady home from the mechanic (but very likely going back):

1972 Honda CL350
Griz after a hard day of eating and napping:

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